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Angel Light Hypnosis™

ALH is an modality used in the Ancient Atlantean Dream Temples for deep healing and connecting with the Source. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks also went to sleep temples for healing through hypnosis. Angels introduced this healing method to Anu in 2003 through her past life regression studies. Since then, Anu has been helping thousands of people experience the magic of this ancient healing modality as well as training hundreds of ALH therapists.

From the Atom to Divine Light. My birth given name is Anu and with a closer look, you will see that it holds the map to my life purpose. In Sanskrit, Anu means the Atom and in Hawaiian, it represents the Divine Light. From the tiny building blocks of the Universe and human life to the Infinite Divine Light. This is also the foundation of Angel Light Hypnosis which was taught to me by the Angels. We start where wherever you are and we reach up higher creating your freedom and dream life. The aspects of my name are present in this amazing healing modality as well. In this highly unique system, we work together with your Angels to heal the building blocks of your dream life such as money, home, health, relationships, career. However, the sessions may often also explore the mysteries of the Universe and your own Ascension process and reaching a heaven on earth state of mind and true freedom of spirit.

There are no limits to what can be achieved during this session because we are working with powers beyond our human limitations. You will access and activate inner gifts within you that will transform your life.

What happens during an ALH session?

littleheartDuring the Skype session, we will bring with a consultation with the Angels and the Oracle cards to a plan and an intention for the ALH journey.

littleheart You will then be guided to a deep, relaxed state of being, like a deep meditation where you will be fully aware and able to answer any questions throughout the session. Your energy frequency will be significantly uplifted using ALH method for the purpose of opening a clearer communication with the Angels and the Source Wisdom.


You will be guided to a special place in the Universe to communicate with your Angels and to establish a clear telepathic and visual connection with them. If you are a visual person you may be able to clearly see the Angels right in front of you, if you are not a visual person you will still be able to sense and connect with them if you are open to the experience.  Even if you have never been hypnotized before or never thought you could directly channel wisdom from your own Angels and your Higher Self this method will likely give you that experience. About 95% of people experience empowering angelic encounters with potentially life-changing results during an ALH session.

littleheartOnce your energy is high enough your actual journey begins according to the plan we created. Sessions don’t always go according to plan. Trust your soul and Angels knows best what is needed for you at the time. For example, if you want to learn about your past lives, your soul may take you into a future life instead if that is what you mostly need at this time. Not experiencing “anything” is extremely rare but if that happens to you it is for example either that you have fears holding you back and don’t share it during the session to release them, or your soul simply wants to be in silence and peace instead of journeying through time and space. Everything that happens during the session is always happening according to your highest good at the time and nothing will surface that you are not ready for.

littleheartDuring the hypnosis session, used by the Ancients you will be asked questions and will be speaking out loud your answers and sharing your experience to help me guide you even deeper into the wisdom of your soul and awaken memories and ideas that live inside of you but you haven’t been able to access before.

littleheartAfter the hypnotherapy part of the session, you will have the opportunity to simply bathe in the healing Angel Light.

littleheartYou will return from your ALH session feeling relaxed and refreshed and often times in disbelief of the power of the experience. I constantly receive emails from clients even years later how the ALH sessions have changed their lives, or the dreams manifested have come true in the most amazing ways.

littleheartTime to SHINE!

ARE YOU READY FOR CHANGE? There are no limits to what can be accomplished during an ALH.

Choose Your Journey:

  • Divine Guidance and Communicating with Higher Beings: Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides, Star Beings, Higher Self to bring clarity and healing to any issue in your current life.
  • Discover Your Life Purpose and Flow of Prosperity: Consult Your Soul about your Life Purpose and get practical guidance on the steps needed releasing your old career path to the one you truly love. Open up to prosperity and create success in your business and life.
  • Manifest Clients and Success in Your Spiritual Business: We will begin with a spiritual business consultation followed by a powerful angel work to help you do the work that you love, making good money while making a difference in the life of others.
  • Manifest Your Dream Life and Visit Your Future: Manifest your dreams with the Angels by getting clarity as well journeying into the future to your future memory that will align your path to your desired outcome.
  • Heal and Attract Higher Relationships: Attract Your True Soulmate, Heal Unhealthy Relationships or Release, Connect with Loved Ones on the other side, Meet your Unborn Child to welcome them with love or to see what needs they have.
  • Heal Your Body: If you have issues with your physical body this is a must. Consultation from the Angels to help get clarity and healing for the body. You can also receive guidance from the Angels for high vibrational nutrition and healthy weight loss. (This is not a replacement for any medical treatment! )
  • Visit the Stars: If feel connected to the stars then journey to the Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturus to gain wisdom and to ease your homesickness.
  • Past Life Regression: Go back to Ancient Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt or any time in your soul’s history to gain wisdom or to release what no longer serves your Highest Good. This is real time travel, I have witnessed several journeys to Golden Atlantis where the highly aware ancient version of oneself shows awareness current self-visiting. This may happen when the souls are truly ready to begin merging the ancient wisdom.
  • Life Review and Birth: Review your current life into your childhood and all the way to your birth and soul level where you were planning current life. This will help you heal old experiences and have a higher understanding of yourself today.
  • Future Lives: Visit Future Lives to see what you are creating with your current karmic ties, actions and intentions. This is an amazing opportunity to your correct path from karma to dharma.
  • Access the Akashic Records: Visit the Akashic Records to review your Soul’s personal book to learn more about your journey, purpose, and soul contracts etc. You can also have access to ancient wisdom and mysteries of the Universe in the Hall of Records kept in the Great Sphinx of Giza.
  • Ascension Journey / Activate Your Crystalline Light Body: Awaken the Crystalline Cellular Structure to break through illusions of the physical world.  Transforming the carbon atom to higher vibrational crystalline atoms awakening your psychic abilities. Are you ready to FLY?
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Your Commitment to Your Spiritual Growth is the Key to Transforming Your Life!

It’s Your Time to SHINE!






Here is a preview of what other people are saying.

“My session with Anu was so delicious and out of this world! I got to meet my divine angels and went
On an incredible journey on a higher realm. It was pure magic and opened up my vision of abundance. Her soothing voice and loving energy was sublime. Such an epic special experience that I will treasure forever.” Lucy Shahjahan

This was my first session and I didn’t know what to expect but there was something about her voice or the energy during the session that simply opened my heart and tears were falling. I could feel angels for the first time and even Anu is like an angel. – M.L

Anu is a high vibrational healer. She guided me to my past life in Atlantis which I already knew about, but through her guidance, I was able to raise my vibration even higher and remember more details of who I was and who I am today. I feel quite Speechless. – D.S

Anu is very caring and sees energies and angels clearly. She also assisted them in removing some old cords I wasn’t aware of and I feel such relief already! She will guide you and tell you what you need to hear in a loving way. – Karen D

About a year ago, Anu guided me to a future memory and everything that we created and visualized has come true! I had my doubts if we actually did manifest my dreams with the angels. I had no idea I would become a mother, I only dreamt it would happen. But I saw myself with a baby and a wonderful husband and here I am today a mother of a beautiful baby girl. It all happened so quickly and I am so happy.

Thank you for your words of guidance and encouragement, I greatly appreciate it! She gave me clarity and affirmed the importance of me executing on my life purpose which is what I needed to hear! She also shared messages from my Angels about personal matters in my life which were very comforting!

Her down to earth solid business advice combined with angel light hypnosis have transformed my business.

Thank you so much Anu Shi Asta! You were the only person that picked up something a few weeks ago that turned out to be true. Though the news was hard to hear you delivered it with great compassion and understanding. I am grateful to have someone I can count on that is so accurate and genuine! It is always a pleasure speaking with u!”

Thank you so very much! Your words meant more than you know. You helped bring me back to a peaceful state, and I am deeply grateful. God Bless!

Wow! I am so blessed by our session; she offered so many incredible insights in a very a warm, kind, caring, authentic, and beautiful way. Thank you so much!

Authentic, and Sincere. Answered my questions without hesitation and knew my issues without me explaining them. She gave me some suggestions to try and messages from my angels. Finally, I have Peace of Mind, I really felt much better!


Creating Heaven on Earth



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